7 Best 75 inch 4k tv in 2021

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Are you looking forward to improving your living room’s look? Here’s a suggestion. Buying the best 75 inch 4K tv could be a great addition to your home’s look as well as your home theater. And 2021 could be the best year of adding this technology to your home.

For many buyers, it can be confusing. Choosing from the
myriad of 4k TVs available in the market is not an easy task. Because of this,
we decided to do a bit of research on these TVs.

And in this article, we are going to highlight everything you need to know about 75 inch 4K TVs. We are also going to review seven of the best 75-inch TVs we found in the market, actually, the best ones in 2021.

Without wasting time, let’s get right into it.

Why you should buy a 75 inch 4k tv in 2021

For those wondering what 4K resolution is about:

4K offers a resolution that is four times better than 1080p.
That means that there are more pixels, colors, and less blurry images in a
single image. Hence, if you buy a 4K TV, you are sure that watching your
favorite shows, and movies should be more fun than watching on a TV with a
lower resolution.

Primarily, technology keeps on evolving every day. Today,
you’ll buy one of the best TVs in the market, and then tomorrow, or even months
later, the same manufacturer will come up with a new model that is better than
yours is.

But fortunately, 4K has been available for years. And as you
know, manufacturers will increase the prices when the technology is new. That’s
because manufacturing such TVs is expensive since they are yet to master it.

In 2021, manufacturers have fine-tuned this technology, which is why 4K TVs are becoming affordable.

And another reason why you should buy a 4K TV is that there
is more 4K content to watch than the years. Initially, most content producers
were yet to solve this problem. But with streaming services such as Netflix,
and Amazon Videos, uploading 4k content, it’s now “super” reasonable to go for
a 4K tv.

For a gamer, a 4K tv is quite an addition to your gaming
arsenal. The technology reduces input lag, which can be a massive disappointment
for a game that has fast movements.

Is a 75 inch tv ideal for your home?

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Before you head out to buy a 75-inch tv, which is also 4k,
you need to ask yourself several questions. One of them is whether buying a TV
of this size a worthy buy.

Well, the answer depends. If you have a small space, buying
a 75-inch might be a good option even though you have the best resolution.

Let me explain why.

If you are sitting close to the TV, guess what, you’ll be
seeing the pixels. Hence, the images become a bit blurry and “milky.”

So, if you really want to know whether a 75-inch will be an
ideal choice for you, manufacturers provide a calculation that can help you
solve this problem in an instance.

Multiply the size of
your TV by 0.84
. The answer you get should be the most appropriate distance
between your eyes and the TV if you want to enjoy those real life-like images.

By the way, the above calculation applies to all TV sizes as

Here are the seven best 75-inch 4K tvs you should buy in 2021.

1. LG C9 Series (Our Top Pick)

LG-C9 75 inch 4k tv

More info/Buy on Amazon

LG has been one of the most reputable brands when it comes to the smart tv world. Their level of innovation is superb, such that other brands borrow from them. The C9 was one of the best 75 inch 4k tv in 2019, and in 2021, this TV is still on top. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Its features

The LG C9, in all honesty, is slim, lightweight. It comes
with OLED technology, which most experts recommend to most home users. When you
buy this tv, it comes with a remote control, a power cable, and a guide.

Note that the tv does not have a stand. You may have to
wall-mount it.

When it comes to connectivity, the TV comes with a range of
options. Primarily, the tv is compatible with Alexa and Google’s assistant. It
also comes with 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports. You can connect the TV to your
soundbar, laptop, and WI-FI.

Brings cinema optimized picture to your home

One thing you need to know about OLED TVs is that the LED
lights produce lights on its own, unlike the QLED. We tested this TV’s quality,
and we liked the kind of images it produced. They were realistic, and the range
of colors the tv can produce brings every image to life. It’s as if you are
watching it live.

The sound is as well as realistic as LG included Dolby Atmos
and the 2.2 channel speaker system.

The right buyer

The LG C9 is an ideal TV for people who want to invest in a
durable TV. It’s a bit pricey, but the features that this TV comes with is
worth it. Additionally, the TV remains usable for entertainment, including
watching sports, gaming, and movies.

Our only concern is that you’ll need to have darker walls
because OLED TVs are not bright. However, the TV offers different viewing
angles, which is why it’s a worthy buy.


  • Thin and easy to set up
  • Comes with everything needed to start using it immediately
  • Image and sound is realistic since the manufacturer adds Dolby Atmos
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Ideal for gaming, too


  • Most efficient if the room is dark
  • Susceptible to burn-ins, but you can deal with that since it has a good refresh rate

If you want to know more about the LG C9 TV, read here.

2. Samsung Q90 Series Smart TV (best for the money)

Samsung Q90 75 inch tv

More info/Buy on Amazon

For people who want to invest in an entertainment unit that you’ll use for years, the Q9 is still a competitive model. It might be pricey, but the truth is, this TV has features and technology that you’ll love.

Its notable features

The Samsung Q9 comes with a variety of designs that make it
reputable. Primarily, it’s quite thin, but not so thin, since the LED lights
require backlights to produce brighter images. So, it might not be as thin as
the LG C9.

It’s also easy to install this tv. The manufacturer provides wall mounts, which doesn’t leave any gaps on the wall. Q9 also comes with HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, and wireless connections.

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Real-life images

The technology used to come up with this model is quite
splendid. As in, the TV comes with a Quantum process 4k, which ensures that
both the sound and the images are lifelike. Hence, you can be sure that you
won’t be missing any details, even when the movie scene is dark.

This best 75 inch 4k tv also produces realistic images, which make your movie, sports, and gaming experience immersive. And by the way, the TV allows for different viewing angles; hence, you can place the TV in different positions.

We also noted that the TV also comes with an ambient mode,
which tends to imitate your wall’s background. In that mode, burglars may miss
seeing the TV.

The ideal buyer

If your home has brightly colored walls, then this is the TV
to buy. The QLED offers you bright images that you need when watching your
favorite blockbusters, sports, or playing games that need your full

Homeowners who invest in this 75-inch TV will also have an
easy time setting it up and using it since it comes with the Bixby Voice
command, which can detect different accents.


  • Easy to set up
  • Features bright images, compared to OLED
  • Allows for different viewing angles
  • Features an ambient mode
  • Different connectivity modes
  • Sound and colors are realistic


  • The Q9 has a thicker than most OLEDs

3. SAMSUNG Q70T Series

Samsung Q70T 4K tv

More info/Buy on Amazon

If you want an exciting and thrilling cinematic experience, you should try the Q70T. The best 75 inch 4k tv comes at an affordable price, and with its numerous features, this is a TV that you are likely to enjoy.

Distinctive attributes

One thing that fascinated me about this TV is how thin it
is. On top of that, this TV retail top-notch design that will fit any space in
your home. The user has the option of using the TV stand, or they can mount it
on the wall.

In terms of connectivity, the Q70T offers Bluetooth, USB,
Ethernet, HDMI, and wireless connections. We also noticed that the remote
control comes with a microphone, which you can use to talk to Alexa and Google
Assistant. Note, however, the TV may not detect some accents.

Smooth and Crisp Images

The Q70T offers high-quality 4K images. You won’t miss any
details. What we loved about the images is that they were realistic, even when
the scenes were dark.

Additionally, the contrast was fantastic, which is also
makes it easy to watch from different angles and watch clear images even when
the room is bright.

We also noted that the TV comes with an ambient mode, which
imitates your wall’s background.

The ideal Buyer

Thanks to Samsung, and the technology they use to come up
with this TV, the Q70T is an ideal gift for any homeowner who wants to enjoy
vivid images while enjoying their favorites sports or watching their favorite
movies. Gamers will also enjoy using this TV as it has a 240-motion rate.


  • Comes with a TV stand
  • Ambient mode is superb
  • Features microphone on the remote for hands-free connectivity
  • Has a wide viewing angle
  • Backlight provides quality contrast on the images
  • Realistic sound


  • Some users complained about the sound output (not enough information on this, though)


Samsung Q60T tv

More info/Buy on Amazon

We all know how bad it feels when you find a movie or a game that you can only watch in low quality. The Samsung Q60T is quite a fascinating 75 inch 4k tv that comes with a variety of features to make your entertainment even more enjoyable.


The Q60T is a 2021 model, and it comes with all the modern qualities you would want to see in a modern 4K tv. It’s slim, and the edges are not as wide, which reduces distractions as you watch your favorite movies.

You can mount or use the table mount stands, which are
stable enough to hold the TV’s weight together. When it comes to connectivity,
the TV offers wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and HDMI. You also have installed
apps; hence, it’s ready to watch right out of the box.

The remote control allows for easy voice search since it
comes with a mic, which you speak into whenever you want to command Alexa or
Google assistant.

Superb image qualities

With this TV, you’ll be sure that you’ll bring a cinematic
experience back to your home. The images are crisp, and each color has
different shades. Hence, the images are lifelike and detailed, including the
dark scenes.

The other quality people love about this 4K tv is the
brightness that the backlight offers to the LED. You can, therefore, watch TV
in a dark-lit room as well as a bright-lit room.

Other qualities you’ll love include a wide viewing angle and
a 60Hz refresh rate.

The ideal buyer

If you want a smart android TV that you can use for years to
come, the Samsung Q6OT is what you need to choose. The TV offers high-quality
4K images that will make watching movies and gaming quite an experience.


  • Stable table mount stands
  • Uncompromised high-quality 4K images
  • Easy to use and control
  • Alexa built-in feature 
  • More connectivity options


  • Some users complain that the remote is not user friendly

5. Samsung BE75T-H 4K PRO TV

Samsung BE75T-H PRO TV

More info/Buy on Amazon

Over the years, Samsung has been in the business of
providing quality TV models. And the Samsung BE75T offers the viewer excellence
in every way.

Here’s why you’ll love this best 75 inch 4k tv

What we loved about the tv is that it comes with a sleek but
slim design. Hence, it’s not going to be a problematic task carrying it from
one position, and setting it up will take you a couple of minutes.

The TV comes with LED-backlit, which provides the needed
brightness you need if your room is brightly lit walls.

Besides that

Since the tv is an android tv, it comes with most of your
favorite apps installed. You can also access some of this TV’s features from a
mobile-friendly app, which is available for both android and tv. Therefore, for
users who are a bit green on using such TVs, you won’t have a difficult time
using this tv.

When it comes to images

The Samsung BE75T is the perfect gift for any business owner
looking for the perfect tv to showcase his or her products. Homeowners, too,
who want to see colors like their eyes, would also purchase this tv.

We reviewed the tv, and we loved the images that this unit
provided. The images were crisp, very clear, and there were less blurry
instances, making the entire viewing experience entertaining and captivating.
And the good part is that you can watch it from different angles, up to 178

Note that this tv comes with different connectivity options,
including Bluetooth, wifi, HDMI ports, and Ethernet.


  • Easy to setup
  • Slim, which makes it easy to carry
  • Offers the bright colors
  • The images produced are crisp
  • A variety of connectivity options
  • The manufacturer provides a mobile app, which can act as a remote control
  • 16/7 operation time


  • Some users complained that the TV produced blurry images in some instances
  • Doesn’t have a stand; the only option is to mount it on the wall

6. Sony XBR75X850D TV (Budget buy)

Sony XBR75X850D TV

More info/Buy on Amazon

If you are a buyer looking for a budget-friendly 4K TV model
that comes with almost every feature you’ll find in a more expensive TV, then
the Sony XBR75X850 TV is what you should buy. The model might be a 2016 model,
but it still offers everything you need to keep you entertained all day long.

Let’s start with the features

One of the distinct attributes that this TV comes with is
that it’s slim. From a distance, it’s difficult to see the edges, which gives
added room for images.

It also features a table mount, which gives it stable
support. Other qualities include being aesthetic, comes with HDMI 2.2, 2.0, 3 USB
ports, and WIFI connectivity.  The manufacturer also
provides a remote control with a voice search mic. Hence, you can speak into
the remote control, and the TV will do exactly what you want.

Intense, deep colors

What will fascinate you most about this 4K TV is the way it
produces its images. To be honest, it’s difficult to find a smart tv that can
do this at this price range. It also offers bright colors, which makes the dark
scenes in a movie entertaining, and impressive.

Additionally, the TV can also convert any content into 4K
content easily.

The ideal buyer

This 4K TV is the right buy for any homeowner who wants a 75
inch but is on a budget. Gamers, too, will enjoy this television since it
offers a 129Hz refresh rate.


  • Matches with your home décor easily
  • Slim design
  • High refresh rates reduce motion blur
  • You can enjoy all the content types on this TV
  • The manufacturer provides a stable stand
  • Comes with installed apps


  • Doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity; hence, you may not use your Bluetooth headphones

7. Samsung UN75RU7100FXZA Smart TV

Samsung UN75RU7100FXZA TV

More info/Buy on Amazon

For Samsung lovers looking for the best 75 inch 4k tv under 1500, the Samsung UN75RU7100FXZA might be the answer. It features superb features that will leave you glued to it every day.

Modern, aesthetic

What we loved about this tv is that it was lightweight. Its
slim design ensures that the user has an easy time moving and mounting it.

The 4K TV features a stand, one remote control, which comes
with dedicated buttons and is compatible with most devices like Alexa. We also
loved the polished design that brings an added beauty to your home.

You can connect the smart tv with other devices via Bluetooth,
HDMI ports, USB, Ethernet, and WI-FI.

Lifelike images

Although the 4K tv comes at an affordable price, we have to
appreciate the work that Samsung did in making sure that the images remain

The TV offers bright images, pure color shades, and 4K
images. If you have content that is not 4K, the UHD processor will convert it
to 4K effortlessly.

The ideal buyer

If you are looking for an entertainment unit for your
movies, sports, and gaming at an affordable price, the Samsung
is a good option. The images are quality, and for
beginners, the smart tv is easy to use since it comes with a universal guide.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Lifelike images at an affordable price
  • Modern design for the homeowner
  • Offers Ethernet, WI-FI, and HDMI connectivity
  • Easy to use for the beginner


  • Images may start to degrade when watching from an angle

Final Words

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All the TVs we highlight in this article are the best 75-inch 4K TVs we found in 2021. We reviewed each of them with intent, especially when it came to image quality. All of them passed that test.

Take your time, however, when selecting the best one
if you want to take the best home and your needs. We read numerous comments on
how people end up being frustrated over their choice. Such issues only arise if
you did not pay attention to the features and the qualities that each provides
to the user.

The LG C9, in our opinion, is our topic pick, since it is an appropriate option for any person who wants the best 75 inch 4k tv that you’ll use for years. The images on this TV were quality, and anybody will be satisfied with the numerous features that the manufacturers add to it.

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