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8 Best TV wall mounts with shelf

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For many homeowners, settling for placing your TV screen on a table stand seems simple and straightforward. But some TVs don’t come with stable stands. That’s why going for the best TV wall mounts with shelf seems is the best option for your home theatre.

Not only does the wall mount provide
additional support to your TV, but it also brings some brightness to your home
in aesthetics terms. You no longer need to buy bulky furniture and tv stands
that occupy much of your floor space. And regardless of how intimidating they
seem, especially to people who are not into DIY projects, they are a worthy
buy, and most of them are easy to install.

Today, in our article, we will review
the best TV wall mounts with shelf that you’ll find in the market today. We’ll
also provide a buying guide to know what to consider the next time you are out

TV wall mounts available in the market

you do your window-shopping online, you’ll find three types of TV wall mounts.
They include:

  • Fixed-mount: Most homeowners go for these types of TV wall mounts because they are inexpensive options. Additionally, they are super easy to fix and mount your TV. However, the problem is that they are not flexible since your TV will stay in one position; hence, they don’t provide numerous viewing angles. On the other hand, homeowners who want to fix their TV close to the wall should go for this type.

  • Tilt Mounts: These types of wall mounts are similar to the fixed options. Their difference, on the other hand, is that they are flexible. You can tilt your TV, especially if you’ll be watching from a lower position. The benefit of using these mounts is that they reduce glare, you can easily access your TV cables, and it offers multiple viewing angles. By the way, some tilt mounts also have swiveling options but very limited.

  • Full motion mounts: By far, these TV wall mounts are my favorites. They are the most flexible options. You can change the viewing angle depending on where you want to sit. These wall mounts are a bit pricey; nonetheless, they solve most problems that both tilt mounts and fixed mounts fail to offer.

Why buying a TV Wall mount with shelf is vital

Some manufacturers go a notch higher
by providing a shelf. Once you buy the TV mount, you get a maximum of three
floating shelves. Some vendors will attach the shelf to the mount, while others
sell the two entities separately. These TV wall mounts come with added
benefits, such as:

Providing a platform where you can
place your cable boxes, VCRs, and DVDs

  • Saves floor space
  • You also save money that you’d use to buy a TV stand

Choosing the best TV wall mount with shelf

Before reviewing the best wall mounts
with shelf, you need to understand what to consider when selecting the best. We
also used these factors when determining the wall mounts that we included in
this list.

1. Your TV’s weight

Each TV wall mount you buy can support a particular TV weight. Most manufacturers will highlight that on the package. Make sure that you check on this to avoid buying one that doesn’t support your TV’s weight.

If you are still in the process of selecting a new TV, you can also check out our 7 Best 75 inch 4k tv in 2020 review.

2. VESA Compatibility

Since TV manufacturers don’t provide
these wall-mounts in their package, you need to know whether the TV will be
compatible with your preferred wall mount.

That’s where VESA comes in handy. When
you look at your TV’s back, you’ll find the four studs where you should connect
your TV to the wall mount. Measure the distance between these ‘holes,’ both
horizontally and vertically in mm.

Some mounting holes may be close to
each other on some TVs, while some TV brands may have the holes are quite apart.

3. If the vendor provides hardware tools

Some brands offer the hardware tools
required for installation. Nonetheless, in some rare cases, some of the
hardware tools provided may not be compatible with your TV, especially if your
wall demands more massive studs than what the manufacturer offers.

In this case, you may have to spend a
bit more on buying these studs. Ensure that the hardware tools available are
ideal for your needs to ease the process of setting up the TV.

So with that, let’s go straight to
reviewing the ten best TV wall mounts with shelf.

1. Mounting Dream Wall Mounts TV (Our Top Pick)

Mounting Dream Wall Mounts TV

More info/Buy on Amazon

If you are looking forward to buying
the best of the Best TV wall mounts with shelf, here is something you should
probably be looking at when shopping. Hundreds of users have come to love this
wall mount, straight from how the manufacturers built it, the way it looks, and
the number of TV screens it’s compatible with.

Why people like it

The Mounting Dream wall mount TV is a
flexible unit that offers different viewing angles to the user. It’s a
full-motion type, which can support any TV between 22-55 inches. Its mounting
pattern is 400 X 400 mm, and what’s amazing about it is that it fits in any
concrete wall and single wood installation.

Its two floating shelves comprise of
tempered glass. They can hold up to 22 lbs., and a size of up to 15.3 X 11.8,
which is enough space for most AV and DVD devices.

The other thing that makes it likable
is that it’s easy to install. You don’t need an entire day to do the job. One
hour should be enough, especially if you are handy. Note also that the
instructions are easy to handle.


  • Flexible
  • Offers a variety
    of viewing angles, since it can tilt and swivel
  • You can adjust
    the height without having to uninstall it
  • Shelf bracket
    hides your cables to avoid a messy space


  • Doesn’t fit in a
    dry wall

2. AVF ESL822B-T Tilt and Turn TV Mount

AVF ESL822B-T Tilt and Turn TV Mount

For those individuals that are willing
to invest more money into the best TV wall mount with shelf, here is one you
should check.

Its attributes

Primarily, the TV wall mount has a
tilt and turn feature. You can swivel and tilt it at 10 degrees angle, which
means you can watch TV from various viewing angles or corners. The wall mount
can support any TV between 37 to 60 inches, as long as they don’t have more
than 99 pounds.

The mount also comes with two shelves.
Both consist of tempered glass, which provides the sturdiness, and can hold up
to 22 pounds of weight. We also noticed that the unit has cable management system
to organize your cables.

What you’ll love about this TV mount

Most users appreciate that you don’t
need an expert to help you install this mount. It’s super easy to fix it on
your wall.

Besides that, when fixed, the distance
between the wall and the TV is adequate for accessing the cables effortlessly.
Note that the VESA patterns are 275 X 65 – 660 X 400 mm.


  • Tilts and swivels
  • Comes with cable
  • The shelves
    offers efficient surface area to place DVDs and other video devices
  • You can view the
    TV from different position
  • Comes with all
    hardware installation tools


  • The tilt and
    swivels angles is not that huge

More info/Buy on Amazon

3. Full Motion Wall Mount Bracket

Full Motion Wall Mount Bracket

The full motion wall mount from
Monoprice is also one of the best TV wall mounts with shelf since it comes with
a variety of features that make it outstanding. For sure, having any 24-42 inch
TV on this mount brings all the satisfaction you need.

Its attributes

With this wall mount, you will receive
the wall mount and an attached shelf, made from tempered glass. The shelf
measures 9.5″ x 7.9″ and holds a maximum of 22 pounds.

When buying, you have three options to
select. You can go for a small size, the medium, or the large size wall mounts.
And that depends on your TV’s weight.

What you get

In addition to a lifetime warranty, we
found out that this product can tilt and swivel at 10 degrees; hence, the name
full motion. Meaning, the wall mount gives you the freedom to watch TV from
different viewing angles, and you can return it to the original position.

You can also adjust the shelf’s height
to up to 12 inches.


  • Comes in
    different sizes
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Easy to install
  • Stable enough to
    support all tv sizes


  • It only comes
    with one shelf

More info/Buy on Amazon

4. Mount Plus 1095-31 Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount

Mount Plus 1095-31 Tilt Swivel Corner Wall Mount

If you have any flat-screen TV between
23″ to 42″, here is a TV wall mount with shelf that we think you’ll
like. The unit comes at an affordable price, which is why it’s our best budget
buy on this list.

Its features

We loved this brand because it offers
the buyer all the details you need to know before buying it. And that is
something most users appreciate.

The wall mount also comes with a
tempered glass shelf that can hold up to 22 pounds of weight. It can tilt up to
20 degrees, swivel to 180 degrees, and the arm can extend to up to 16 inches.

Its VESA dimensions are 100 X 100, 200
X 100, 200 X 200, and can support up to 44 pounds of weight.

Install it anywhere

According to the manufacturer, the
wall mount is superb in terms of the way it looks. Primarily, what we loved
about the product is that you can install it anywhere, around corners, on
concrete walls, and single wood studs.

Besides that, we also loved that the
shelf and the extension are separate. Therefore, if you don’t want to install
the shelf, you don’t have to do it.

Since it’s a full-motion wall mount,
users can watch their favorite TV shows from different angles. If you want the
TV to come near your wall, you can push the arms inward.


  • Extended swivel
    and tilt angles
  • Fits anywhere
  • Comes with a
    cable management system
  • Thin, but
    tempered glass shelf improves your home’s aesthetics


  • Users complained that the mounting hardware are not included in the package

More info/Buy on Amazon

5. VIVO Black 23 to 55 inch Screen TV Wall Mount

VIVO Black 23 to 55 inch Screen TV Wall Mount

For those looking for an affordable
full motion wall TV mount that brings both support and style to your home, then
the VIVO Black is what you need to buy.

Its attributes

The TV wall mount boasts of a steel
construction design, which is sturdy enough to hold up to 66 pounds of mass, or
any 23″ to 55″ tv. Its arm can extend up to 15.5 inches away from the
screen and swivel up to 90 degrees.

Within the package, you’ll find all
the hardware tools you need to install the mount on your wall, making it easy
to install.

It also comes with one shelf, which
you can install separately.

Why people like it

Besides being affordable, what we
loved about this TV wall mount is that it offers the users different viewing
angles, it’s easy to set up, and you get a three-year warranty from a
responsive support team.

We also noticed that the VESA patterns
are compatible with most LED screens, and the cable management system ensures
that the cables behind the TV remain organized and hidden.


  • Compatible with
    most TV brands
  • Easy to install,
    since it comes with the needed cables
  • Aesthetic and
    offers the required TV support
  • The arm extends
    from the wall
  • Has a 90 degree


  • Some users
    complained that the tilt was not that stable

More info/Buy on Amazon

6. Mount Plus LDA11-DV291 Wall Mount

Mount Plus LDA11-DV291 Wall Mount

Fifth on our Best TV wall mounts with shelf is the Mount Plus, which is yet another affordable TV wall mount that you should buy. It features a sturdy wall mount and a separate shelf to place different AV devices. Here’s what you need to know about the unit.

Its features

The TV wall mount with shelf offers
stable support for any TV that has up to 66 pounds. It can hold any LCD screen
between 23 to 55 inches.

The wall mount itself comprises of
high-grade steel and a shelf that features tempered glass. Its arm can tilt and
swivel at 20 and 90 degrees, respectively. We also noticed that the arm extends
up to 15.5 inches from the wall, and can return to its original position.

It also comes with a cable management
system, which should organize the wires behind your TV.

Why you’ll love it

Users love this best TV wall mount
with shelf because it is easy to install. The manufacturer will provide all the
required hardware tools. You should also note that the wall mount is compatible
with most LED TVs as long as they are between 23 to 55 inches.

Other than that, the user has the
freedom to watch TV from different viewing angles, which is another plus. And
with the extended arm, the TV can stay close to the wall, or away from it, when


  • Strong built
  • Tilt and swivels
    offers extra viewing angles
  • Comes with all
    the required hardware tools
  • Features a sleek
    and modern design
  • VESA compatible
    with most LED screens


  • Some users
    complain that the directions were not easy to follow

More info/Buy on Amazon

7. Mount World 1092-2d Mount

Mount World 1092-2d Mount

If you are looking for a wall mount
with extra shelves, then here is the Mount World 1092-2d mount. The unit may be
a bit pricier, but the benefits that come with it are worth it.

The TV’s mount features

The Mount World features an arm that
you can swivel and tilt at 15 and 180 degrees, respectively. Its design is
modern and can support any LED screen between 26- 46 inches. Also, it is VESA
compatible with most TV brands.

 Additionally, the shelves comprise of tempered
glass, which is sturdy enough to support any 22-pound device.

Why you will love it

For most homeowners, getting the right
viewing angles can be tricky. The unit ensures that you can sit at any location
in your living room. In fact, if you want to watch TV from another room, this
is still possible as the mount can swivel up to 180 degrees in both directions.

The wall mount is also simple to
install. You only need a few minutes, and you are good to go.


  • VESA compatible
    with most TV brands
  • Swivel offers a
    wide viewing angle
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with two


  • You may have to
    buy different screws from the ones provided

More info/Buy on Amazon

8. Aeon Stands TV Wall Mount

Aeon Stands TV Wall Mount

If you are the type of homeowner that
doesn’t like having bulky furniture in his or her living room, you may need a
TV wall mount that comes with several shelves. And the Aeon Stand should be a
great installation in your home.

Its attributes

The TV wall mount comes with a stable
mount that you can fix on the wall, whether concrete or wooden. Both the arm
and the shelves are joined together, which makes installation even simple.

You can be sure that this unit will be
able to handle any LED TV between 32 to 60 inches. Nonetheless, the TV shouldn’t
be more than 180 pounds. We loved the sleek and modern design that this stand
provides, and the black piano color adds some aesthetics to your home.

What users like

People like the fact that the Aeon
Stand is easy to install, and comes with a 12-degree swivel. Note that you
cannot tilt the TV, and the TV remains close to the wall.

Besides that, the space between each
shelf is efficient and equal. The other feature that we loved most was the
cable management system, which to me was superb. You don’t need to call an
electrician to hide the wires for you since all the wires remain organized.


  • Swivel is up to
    12 degrees
  • Three shelves,
    which have enough space left between them
  • Can carry up to
    180 pounds
  • Each shelf can
    support up to 22 pounds
  • Easy to install


  • You cannot tilt
    the TV once installed

More info/Buy on Amazon

Final Words

You can buy the wall mount and the shelf separately, but buying the best TV wall mounts with shelf is what you should do if you want to save some money.

Besides that, be keen on the product specifications
and every other factors we highlighted in the buying guide, before buying any
of the products. We encourage this because we see complaints from many users
after buying a wall mount that didn’t fit their ultimate needs.

And finally, our top pick is Mounting Dream Wall Mounts TV. We think you’ll love this TV mount because it comes with a strong built that your TV and home entertainment unit requires.

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